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Navitar has many decades of experience designing and building imaging and optics systems for diverse biomedical applications. We produce optical solutions for numerous hospitals, corporations and research institutions such as Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Janelia Farm Research Campus and Max Planck Institute.

Over ten years ago, our Special Optics division produced the very first femtosecond laser optics for laser eye surgery. Special Optics also specializes in confocal microscopy laser scanning lenses and objectives for two-photon microscopy.

Biomedical and life science researchers and companies can count on Navitar for unsurpassed precision and accuracy in developing integrated optical systems for live cell imaging, modular microscopy systems, and molecular biology applications. We will work with you from design to prototype to production, ensuring your unique project requirements are met. Contact us today.

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ZFL Fluorescent Microscope

ZFL Fluorescent Microscope

Our modular, ZFL Fluorescent Zoom Systems are used in biotech equipment, enabling life scientists the opportunity to apply fluorescent imaging at much lower costs than traditional fluorescent microscopy.

12X and Zoom 6000 High Magnification Lenses

12X and Zoom 6000 High Magnification Lenses

The Zoom 6000 and 12X Zoom lenses provide high magnification, high resolution images suitable for the most advanced biotech image processing vision systems.

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Custom Lenses

Custom Electro-Optical Systems for Medical & Biotech Applications

From complex imaging lenses to ultra-precise laser focusing optics for laser eye surgery, we can design and manufacture completely integrated electro-optical subsystems.

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