Fiber Optic

Navitar offers a series of high intensity fiber optic illuminators and accessories that allow you to position your light for best possible viewing. These fiber optic illuminators consist of a Halogen illumination system with a variable light intensity control. They accept a single or dual light pipe or an attachable ring light for illuminating a wider area.
  • Controllers, Power Supplies- Fiber Optic

    Controllers, Power Supplies- Fiber Optic

    Navitar offers a selection of compact, rugged, AC/DC Halogen light sources with solid state dimmers for variable light intensity and maximum lamp life. Eac...

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  • Illuminators


    Fiber optic illuminators are the most versatile illuminators on the market today. They consist of a high-powered light source which can be used with ring lights or flexible light pipes for o...

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  • Internal Coaxial Illumination

    Internal Coaxial Illumination

    Navitar's internal coaxial illuminators are an ideal solution for applications involving highly reflective surfaces such as wafers, polished samples, and fluids. Designed to provide even ill...

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