Precise Eye Fixed

Precise Eye lenses from Navitar are ideal for high magnification fixed inspection applications. Designed to provide superior optical performance and high vibration stability over standard C-mount video lenses, Precise Eye lenses feature high-resolution, diffraction-limited f/4.5 optical quality for high precision measurement and inspection.
System Diagram / Field of View Matrices (UltraZoom & Coaxial)
Performance Specifications
  • PE Adapter Plates, Mounts

    PE Adapter Plates, Mounts

    Adapter Plates: Navitar offers adapter plates so your system can be used with microscope stands from the leading manufacturers. The adap...

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  • PE Adapter Tubes

    PE Adapter Tubes

    An adapter tube is required component to complete the Precise Eye system. The adapter tube places the camera sensor at the optimal distance so that the b...

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  • PE Body Tubes

    PE Body Tubes

    The Precise Eye system body tubes are the core component of this fixed optical relay lens system. Body tubes may be configured in a finite conjugate system...

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  • PE Body Tubes-Motorized

    PE Body Tubes-Motorized

    Motorized Precise Eye body tubes are motorized so the solution can be automated and controlled with a motor driver.

    Options include:

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  • PE Body Tubes-Motorized Ultra

    PE Body Tubes-Motorized Ultra

    Motorized Ultra body tubes are designed to be coupled to infinity corrected objectives when a higher magnification and higher resolution imaging is requi...

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  • PE Body Tubes-Right Angle

    PE Body Tubes-Right Angle

    Utilize a right angle body tube when you have limited mechanical space. These body tubes are available in coaxial illumination / 3 mm fine focus and non-fi...

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  • PE Body Tubes-Ultra

    PE Body Tubes-Ultra

    Ultra Precise Eye body tubes are designed to be coupled to infinity corrected objectives when higher magnification and higher resolution imaging is require...

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  • PE Controllers

    PE Controllers

    Controllers are utilized when specifying a motorized zoom lens. The controller allows you to drive the motor and tell it when to change positions. ...

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  • PE Couplers

    PE Couplers

    Microscope Objective Couplers: Designed to allow for the coupling of Infinity corrected objectives to the UltraZoom PreciseEye.

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  • PE DIC

    PE DIC

    Navitar's DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) modules may be used on any ultra coax version (zoom or non-zoom) of the Zoom 6000. The modules works wit...

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  • PE Infinity Corrected Objectives

    PE Infinity Corrected Objectives

    Infinity Corrected Objectives can be attached to the Precise Eye UltraZoom to increase the system magnification and decrease working distance. 

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  • PE Lens Attachments

    PE Lens Attachments

    Lens attachments for the Precise Eye system attach to the base of the system body tube and are available in a variety of magnifications. The normal working...

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  • PE NIR

    PE NIR

    Navitar offers our high magnification Precise Eye fixed lens system designed for use in the NIR. The Precise Eye NIR system has been specially coated to of...

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