• Controllers-Motorized


    Controllers are utilized when specifying a motorized zoom lens. The controller allows you to drive the motor and tell it when to change positions. Power supplies are necessary to power the c...

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  • Custom Microscope Objectives

    Custom Microscope Objectives

    Navitar and its Special Optics division specialize in designing and manufacturing custom microscope objective lenses for researchers and OEMS who require solutions for complex applicatio...

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  • Fiber Optic

    Fiber Optic

    Navitar offers a series of high intensity fiber optic illuminators and accessories that allow you to position your light for best possible viewing. These fiber optic illuminators consist o...

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  • High Speed Lenses

    High Speed Lenses

    Navitar high speed fixed focal length lenses work with CCD and CMOS cameras. Our C-Mount, 1” format lenses are designed for 17, 25 and 50 mm focal lengths and are well suited for low light a...

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  • Kowa


    These large format F-mount lenses are optimized for machine vision, inspection, quality control, etc. Their rugged, compact design makes them ideal for demanding applications. Low distorti...

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  • LED


    Two LED based products are available from Navitar: BrightLight coaxial illuminators and Ring Light illuminators. Designed to match the optical performance of our vision systems, each illum...

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  • LX1200 / LX1500 / LX1750

    LX1200 / LX1500 / LX1750

    A variety of wide angle and long throw replacement lenses are available for the models listed. For assistance with lens selection contact Navitar at 800-828-6778 or email Shop Now

  • Nanovue Deep UV

    Nanovue Deep UV

    Navitar responded to the increasing need to further extend resolution limits for optical inspection by developing the NanoVue 248nm 4X Deep UV Zoom lens. The NanoVue optical system works in ...

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  • Overstock and Clearance

    Overstock and Clearance

    View a listing of current items available and offered at clearance prices. Please contact us at 585-359-4000 or email sales@navitar...

  • Platinum


    Designed for the most demanding applications and for use with today's line scan and area scan cameras, our Platinum series of large format lenses provide high center to edge resolution, low ...

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  • Raptar


    Navitar's 50 mm Raptar lens is the perfect solution to machine vision applications that require a large sensor and lens combination. The 50 mm Raptar is an alternative to the traditional SLR...

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  • Raptar Pro

    Raptar Pro

    Navitar's newest large format lens, the 1X Raptar Pro, has been designed specifically for large area and line scan sensors. The lens offers improved MTF over the Raptar lens series, strong r...

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  • Zeiss


    Zeiss ZF lenses offer the image quality associated with professional photography for technical and industrial applications. ZF lenses are compatible with the Nikon F-Bayonet, the globally re...

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  • Zoom 6000

    Zoom 6000

    Navitar's Zoom 6000 is a modular zoom lens system that can be configured to fit nearly any application. Choose from a diverse selection of body tubes, accessory optics, mot...

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  • Zoom 6000-Motorized

    Zoom 6000-Motorized

    Navitar’s motorization design integrates magnetic Hall-Effect sensors to reference position location. Users can choose to motorize the zoom and focus axis, or just the zoom. We have three di...

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  • Zoom 7000-Motorized

    Zoom 7000-Motorized

    Navitar’s Motorized Zoom 7000 is ideal for automated quality inspection and assembly, biomedical imaging, printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic inspection, and fuel gauge monitoring.

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  • 12X Zoom

    12X Zoom

    Our 12X Zoom lenses offer the highest combination of zoom range and resolution in an optical system. Ideal for high magnification applications requiring the optimal balance...

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  • Macro ZFL Scope

    Macro ZFL Scope

    Navitar's Video ZFL Scope is a macro fluorescence vision system that utilizes interchangeable professional fluorescence cubes and internal focus to create an image. It is a simple means of d...

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  • MagniStar Bi-Telecentric

    MagniStar Bi-Telecentric

    Navitar's new line of MagniStar high resolution bi-telecentric lenses offer the ideal optical solution for imaging and measurement applications where extreme accuracy is required.

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  • Navitar Machine Vision

    Navitar Machine Vision

    Navitar offers low-magnification imaging lenses in the following formats: 1", 2/3", 1/2" and 1/3". Quality construction, coupled with precision engineering, result in video optics that are s...

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  • OptiStar SWIR

    OptiStar SWIR

    Navitar OptiStar® Lenses are designed specifically to meet the latest advancements in SWIR technology. Their new rugged design offers superior image quality, better transmission and performa...

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  • Sony Accessory Lens

    Sony Accessory Lens

    Navitar's new 4K-S-0.90 4K lens is the widest angle accessory lens available for Sony's new Shop Now

  • 12X Zoom-Motorized

    12X Zoom-Motorized

    Navitar’s motorization design integrates magnetic Hall-Effect sensors to reference position location. Users can choose to motorize the zoom and focus axis, or just the zoom. We have three di...

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  • 3.5X Fisheye Conversion Lens

    3.5X Fisheye Conversion Lens

    Navitar's 3.5X Fisheye Conversion Lens is designed to work with lower cost projectors that do not have replaceable lenses. This is an ideal solution for planetariums that want to upgrade the...

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  • Fujinon


    Navitar offers a wide range of Fujinon video lenses. Ideal for the growing number of video imaging applications in which a single, constant magnification factor and a fixed working distance ...

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  • Micro ZFL Scope

    Micro ZFL Scope

    Navitar’s Video ZFL Scope is a Macro/Micro fluorescence vision system. The ZFL utilizes interchangeable professional fluorescence cubes, as well as internal focus to create an image comparab...

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  • Standard SWIR

    Standard SWIR

    Navitar's fixed focal length SWIR Hyperspectral lenses are specifically designed for SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras and applications. Lenses are available in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm focal le...

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  • Zoom Telecentric

    Zoom Telecentric

    The 12x Telecentric zoom system allows users to reach a true telecentric condition to within 0.3 degrees while maintaining constant perspective and magnification. Ideal for a wide range of a...

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  • 12X UltraZoom-Motorized

    12X UltraZoom-Motorized

    Motorized UltraZoom body tubes are designed to be coupled to infinity corrected objectives when higher magnification and higher resolution imaging is req...

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  • HemiStar Dome Lenses

    HemiStar Dome Lenses

    Navitar HemiStar 100°/160°/180°/360° Fisheye lenses allow for single projector/lens presentation solutions for multiple applications. Ideal for projection on small planetarium domes,front pr...

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  • Precise Eye Fixed

    Precise Eye Fixed

    Precise Eye lenses from Navitar are ideal for high magnification fixed inspection applications. Designed to provide superior optical performance and high vibration stability over standard C-...

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  • Single-Sided Telecentric

    Single-Sided Telecentric

    Navitar offers single-sided telecentric lenses from SPO, Inc. that provide low optical distortion and a high degree of telecentricity for accurate image reproduction, particularly when viewi...

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  • Dual View Lens System

    Dual View Lens System

    Navitar’s dual view system was initially developed for the thin film transistor (TFT) repair industry and has also been used for applications requiring a wide field of view range.

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  • MicroMate


    The MicroMate was designed specifically to work with today’s high resolution 4/3” sensor cameras. It images onto a 22.5mm diagonal with no vignetting when combined with Navitar objectives. T...

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  • NuView Replacement Lenses

    NuView Replacement Lenses

    High resolution NuView projection lenses replace the existing prime lens of a projector. With a wide selection of stock and custom designed long-throw zoom and wide-angle lenses to choose...

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  • Zoom Macro

    Zoom Macro

    The Zoom 7000 is a close-focusing macro video lens which is versatile and specifically designed to be used in applications where objects over 1" in diameter must be imaged. It offers unsurpa...

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  • MTL Imaging System

    MTL Imaging System

    Navitar’s new line of modular tube lenses offer the ideal optical solution for OEM and research imaging and measurement applications including metrology, flat panel inspection and cell imagi...

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  • Range Extenders

    Range Extenders

    The use of a range extender, installed between a lens and a camera, will extend the focal length and increase the effective aperture (F/number) of a video lens. For example, using the 2XE ra...

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  • ScreenStar Conversion Lenses

    ScreenStar Conversion Lenses

    Navitar ScreenStar wide-angle and long throw conversion lenses sit in front of your projector's standard lens to increase your picture size or incre...

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  • Video Telecentric

    Video Telecentric

    The Navitar TC-5028 is a 50 mm fixed focal length video telecentric lens with manual focus and iris. This companct lens reduces or eliminates viewing angle error and magnification error whil...

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  • Extension Tubes

    Extension Tubes

    Extension tubes allow you to turn standard fixed focal length lenses into macro lenses. An extension tube kit is available which includes six extender tubes: 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 5 m...

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