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Navitar Introduces New Patent-Pending Automated Lens Selector

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK — April 4, 2006 - Machine vision optic manufacturer Navitar, Inc. has introduced its new patent-pending automated lens selector called the Optical Wizard. Available on the newly redesigned web site, located at www.navitar.com, the Optical Wizard generates basic and customized solutions for machine vision applications.

The Optical Wizard was designed for anyone in need of a lens for their machine vision application. According to Navitar's Director of New Product Development William Bridson, "You no longer need to have an Optical Engineering degree or know complex formulas and technical data to choose a lens. Navitar has harnessed its engineering expertise into the easy-to-use Optical Wizard to make lens selection simple."

Bridson further explains the Optical Wizard, "You simply enter the fundamental parameters of an imaging system such as field of view (FOV), working distance, camera format/sensor size, and type of camera mount. You can even enter camera pixel size for applications where the ability to resolve fine detail is critical."

Basic lens systems can easily be customized if a user has more complex requirements. The Optical Wizard offers a step-by-step process for adding motorization, lighting, polarization and various mechanical features. If a zoom lens is required for an application, the Wizard computes the formulas for changing the numerical aperture with zoom setting, the impact of coaxial illumination on image format and many other complex algorithms.

"Once application data is entered, the Optical Wizard quickly assesses the input and provides various lens choices from leading lens manufacturers such as Navitar, Melles Griot, Rodenstock, Fujinon, Mitutoyo, and others. The Optical Wizard lists exactly how fine a detail the selected lenses will let you resolve, the magnification ranges, working distance, field coverage, and depth of field of each lens option presented," Bridson said.

In addition to the Optical Wizard, Navitar's redesigned web site features access to an online shopping cart, a user-friendly interface for easier navigation and better search capabilities. Other enhancements include CAD drawings, 2-D renderings, more detailed product information, and easy access to dealer contact information.

Navitar's new online shopping cart, debuting with the machine vision optics lines that include Zoom 6000, 12X Zoom and Precise Eye systems, enables customers to order products at any time, from anywhere. If customers prefer, they can buy within their local area by contacting one of Navitar's hundreds of integration partners.

The patent-pending Optical Wizard, coupled with a newly redesigned web site, offers 24/7 optical vision support and solutions to Navitar's customers.



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