Custom Lens Design

With unmatched technical capability, Navitar will provide you with a custom lens design, rapidly produce prototypes, and help you bring your product to volume production. Our expertise includes optical and mechanical design, optical fabrication, coating, and precision assembly.

We provide state-of-the-art optical solutions that meet the highest standards and solve the most challenging problems for our customers. Our world-class optical designers and engineers are experienced with optical design projects in defense, homeland security, and high performance commercial applications. These sophisticated solutions are typically found in applications that demand the finest optical surfaces, highest accuracy and tightest tolerances.

If you want to see how our over 43 years of optical expertise can bring your new optical concepts to realization call one of our expert application engineers at (585) 359-4000 or fill out our Custom Request form

Custom Lens Applications:
  • Long Range & 360° Surveillance Lenses
  • Laser Optics for High Energy Laser Weapons
  • Laser Optics for Missile Defense
  • Lenses for Commercial DLP Projectors
  • Lenses for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • High Resolution Imaging Lenses
  • Telecentric Inspection Lenses
  • Fluorescence Imaging Lenses
  • Laser Projection Optics
  • Holographic Projection Optics
  • Missile Tracking Lenses
  • Laser Beam Expanders
  • UV Objective Lenses
  • Laser Scanning Lenses
  • Digital Radiology Lenses
  • SWIR & IR Zoom Lenses
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