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Custom Lens Design Capabilities

Navitar is your source for custom optics. We provide lens design, prototyping, testing and precision lens manufacturing with unmatched technical capability. Our optical designers and engineers have worked on some of the most technical optical design projects in the world. We excel at optical, mechanical, and electro-optical design, optical fabrication, coating and precision assembly and high volume production.

Services offered by Navitar and Special Optics
Optical and Mechanical Design
Rapid Prototyping
Precision Assembly
High Volume Production
Unbeatable Customer Service and Support

We are skilled in designing high resolution, diffraction limited lens systems and ensure lens performance through extensive testing both during manufacture and after assembly and have worked with customers in a variety of markets including defense, homeland security, biotechnology, high performance commercial, and projection.

Custom Microscope Objectives
Navitar and its Special Optics division specialize in the designing and manufacturing of custom microscope objective lenses for researchers and OEMS who require a solution to a complex application that cannot be solved by off-the-shelf microscope objective lenses. Our custom objectives are used in applications such as: Multi-photon Microscopy, Cold Fermion/Atom Trapping, Confocal Microscopy, STED Microscopy, Deep Tissues Imaging, Microscopy and Analysis of Quantum Structures, Super Resolution Microscopy, Failure Analysis of Structural Materials, and Live Cell Fluorescent Microscopy.

Custom Projection Solutions
We have partnered with some of the world’s foremost producers of dome theater equipment, simulation and modeling technologies, and providers of high resolution, full motion immersive environments and display systems. Our designs include lenses for OEM applications, simulators, command and control rooms, planetariums, tradeshow booths, museum exhibits, Broadway productions, military bases and rides at major theme parks.

Whether you need a lens for an existing projector, have your sights on using a new ultra high resolution projector such as the Sony SXRD 4K or JVC 4K/2K D-ILA, or are currently designing a new system, Navitar’s engineering and design team can create a custom projection lens solution for you.

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Call one of our expert application engineers at (585) 359-4000 or fill out our Custom Lens Request Form. Online Form or Downloadable PDF. Navitar welcomes the opportunity to bring your new optical concepts to reality.

Custom Designs:

Microscope Objectives

Two-Photon/Multi-Photon Objectives

4K Projection Lenses

Long Range & 360° Surveillance Lenses

Laser Optics for High Energy Laser Weapons

Laser Optics for Missile Defense

Lenses for Commercial DLP Projectors

Lenses for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

High Resolution Imaging Lenses

Telecentric Inspection Lenses

Fluorescence Imaging Lenses

Laser Projection Optics

Holographic Projection Optics

Missile Tracking Lenses

Laser Beam Expanders

UV Objective Lenses

Laser Scanning Lenses

Digital Radiology Lenses

SWIR & IR Zoom Lenses

Full 180° lenses for use in immersive amusement park rides

Relay lens and projector lens combinations for planetarium applications

Ultra high resolution projection lenses for curved-screen flight simulation applications

UV Projection Lenses

Custom Optics Supporting Maskless Lithography


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