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Navitar supplies essential optics and electro-optical systems to major military subcontractors in North America.  Navitar’s cutting-edge optics are used in a wide variety of military, homeland security, and law enforcement applications including SWIR imaging, military robotics, long range surveillance, 360-degree situational awareness, airborne imaging,  laser weapons,  laser defense, and training and simulation projection.    

Top defense contractors have been depending on Navitar since 1954 when the first Navitar branded lens was developed for the US Navy's use on CZR-1 missile tracking cameras. In 1960, Navitar developed optics for NASA and the US Department of Defense for use on the world’s first Television and Infrared Observation Satellite (TIROS-1). This project opened up possibilities for the use of aerial surveillance for military purposes. 

We offer commercial off the shelf (COTS) optical systems, along with custom-built solutions. Our engineering team has extensive experience and an exceptional understanding of military applications and can aid you with building innovative, state-of-the art optical systems.


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Homeland Security / Surveillance

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SWIR lens

SWIR Hyperspectral Lenses

Navitar SWIR lenses are used for surveillance and reconnaissance as well as for low light applications.

Converter Lenses for Block Cameras

Converter Lenses for Block Cameras

Navitar's line of wide-angle and teleconverter lenses easily interface with block cameras to provide optimal zoom ranges. Offering 2X magnification, converter lenses are ideal for use in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

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360 degree lens

Custom Electro-Optical Solutions

From complex imaging lenses to ultra-precise laser focusing optics for laser eye surgery, we can design and manufacture completely integrated electro-optical subsystems.

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