Navitar offers a wide range of replacement, conversion, fisheye, and custom projection lenses for projectors up to 4K resolution. Click here to download Projection Price List.
  • Sony Accessory Lens

    Navitar's new 4K-S-0.90 4K lens is the widest angle accessory lens available for Sony's new SRX-T615 4K projector. Offers a 0.90:1 throw ratio ...

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  • HemiStar Dome Lenses

    Navitar HemiStar 100°/160°/180°/360° Fisheye lenses allow for single projector/lens presentation solutions for multiple applications. Ideal for projection on small planetarium domes,front pr...

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  • NuView Replacement Lenses

    High resolution NuView projection lenses replace the existing prime lens of a projector. With a wide selection of stock and custom designed long-throw zoom and wide-angle lenses to choose...

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  • ScreenStar Conversion Lenses

    Navitar ScreenStar wide-angle and long throw conversion lenses sit in front of your projector's standard lens to increase your picture size or incre...

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