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Navitar and its Special Optics division manufacture laser beam and scanning lenses, covering IR, UV and VIS-NIR wavelengths.

Our IR F-Theta laser scanning lenses are used with Nd:YAG lasers in laser marking, laser engraving, and laser cutting systems. Standard features of our lenses include diffraction limited performance, air-spaced design for high damage threshold, and anti-reflection coatings on all surfaces. Our F-theta UV scanning lenses offer greater depth of field and smaller spot sized when marking objects for laser material processing.

Our precision F-Theta scanning lenses, covering 450nm to 1064nm, achieve ultra-fine resolution laser cutting and etching and are used in the most demanding laser micromachining applications. These lenses are used in combination wtih our large output beam expanders for a variety of laser processing, and laser micromachining tasks such as cutting of solar cells, laser marking, laser drilling and laser scribing.

Navitar Special Optics offers an extensive range of beam expanders that includes high power, low power, large aperture, Achromatic (Dual Wavelength), Apochromatic, manual zoom, and motorized variable zoom beam expanders covering wavelengths from UV to the IR.

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