12X Controllers, Power Supplies

12X Controllers, Power Supplies
Controllers are utilized when specifying a motorized zoom lens. The controller allows you to drive the motor and tell it when to change positions. Power supplies are necessary to power the controller and drivers.

All HE units can be controlled via USB or RS-232 drivers with Windows and LabVIEW VI software. The control system is available as either table top or board level.
 Part NumberDescriptionPriceQuantity 
1-624202 Phase Enclosure $1,386.00
1-625772 Phase PCB Driver Kit $683.00
1-401695 Phase Enclosure $1,412.00
1-401675 Phase Stepper PCB $570.00
1-62508Servo with Encoder Enclosure $1,386.00
2-62509Servo with Encoder PCB $683.00
1-62823HE Manual Motor Controller $510.00
8-62503Domestic Power Supply (120 Vac, 60 Hz) $63.00
8-62501USB Cable (6 feet) $42.00
1-62504Universal Power Supply (24Vdc @ 1.5A) $126.00
1-63018Universal Power Supply (PSE mark, 24Vdc @ 1.25A) $153.00
8-62502RS-232 Cable (6 feet) $42.00
2-62731BrightLight II Control - Board only (digital) $683.00
1-401685 Phase Enclosure Flange Mount $1,377.00
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