12X Adapter Plates and Mounts

12X Adapter Plates and Mounts
Navitar offers a variety of adapterplates so your system can be used with microscope stands from Nikon,Olympus, Meiji, Bausch & Lomb and Leica. These adapter plates allowyou to utilize the shoulder of the zoom as a secure place of mountinginstead of the adapter tubes. $0$0In applications where vibration is ofconcern, consider a flat mount option. Flat mounts will ensure productstability and image quality$0$0Universal clamps clamp to the adapter tube portionof the zoom system and allows for more creative and flexible mountingsolutions when integrating the zoom system into a machine or in alaboratory environment where space is limited.$0
 Part NumberDescriptionPriceQuantity 
1-5022876 mm Adapter Plate for 12X $221.00
1-5023282 mm Adapter Plate for 12X $221.00
+ 1-5023084 mm Adapter Plate for 12X - Meiji Adapter $221.00
1-50226B and L / Leica Adapter Plate for 12X $221.00
1-51272Flat Mount for use with 12X motorized lenses $147.00
1-6270Universal Mounting Clamp - Use on adapter tubes $153.00
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