Dual View Lens System

Dual View Lens System
Navitar’s dual view system was initially developed for the thin film transistor (TFT) repair industry and has also been used for applications requiring a wide field of view range.

The dual view module offers the ultimate in adaptability and versatility; the system has a single objective lens and presents it to two separate imaging channels. These channels can be fixed, zoom, or a combination of the two. Two different light sources and wavelengths allow for the inspection of multiple types of materials. The use of different adapter tubes on each optical path provides a much wider field of view, without changing workstations or lighting setups.

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1-51820200mm FL Tube Lens $578.00
1-638426X Manual $982.00
1-638436X 2 phase motorized $1,990.00
1-644676X 5 phase motorized $2,726.00
1-638456X enclosed motorized $2,095.00
1-5175612X manual $1,628.00
1-5175712X 2 phase motorized $3,203.00
1-5202612X 5 phase motorized $4,485.00
1-5175912X enclosed motorized $3,544.00
1-64113Coupler $126.00
1-64112Coupler $126.00
1-64111Coupler $126.00
1-64114Coupler $126.00
1-40049LED Coupler for 12X system $121.00
1-64123Coax Port $1,554.00
1-64107Dual View Fold Block $3,922.00
1-64110Flat Mount Call for pricing
2-501578mm diameter fiber input for 12X $100.00
1-61517Ultra PE Body Tube, Non FF $210.00
2-50025Microscope objective coupler - M26 X 36T RMS $100.00
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