Fixed Tube Lens System

Fixed Tube Lens System
Navitar's fixed tube lens system is a 200 mm tube lens system that utilizes the full magnification of infinity corrected objectives, and was designed for customers utilizing larger sensors. With the correct combination of parts, this system can be used on 4/3" cameras (22 mm image circle). The components are designed to be highly corrected to eliminate chromatic aberrations. Our standard adapters and adapter modifiers may be placed above the tube lens.View Fixed Tube Lens System Diagram / Field of View Matrix
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1-518961.093-32TPI to M26 x 36TPI Coupler $126.00
1-64034Universal Coax Block 3 mm Fine Focus $1,565.00
1-64221Universal Coax Block Lens Changer $1,187.00
1-64237LLC2 Plate $258.00
1-64238LLC4, LLC6 Plate $289.00
1-642322 Lens Motorized Linear Lens Changer (LLC2) $1,995.00
1-642334 Lens Motorized Linear Lens Changer $3,990.00
1-642346 Lens Motorized Linear Lens Changer (LLC6) $4,410.00
1-51820200mm FL Tube Lens $578.00
1-638426X Manual $982.00
1-638436X 2 phase motorized $1,990.00
1-638446X 5 phase motorized $2,048.00
1-638456X enclosed motorized $2,095.00
1-5175612X Manual $1,628.00
1-5175712X 2 phase motorized $3,203.00
1-5175812X 5 phase motorized $3,544.00
1-5175912X enclosed motorized $3,544.00
1-61517Ultra PE Body Tube, Non FF $210.00
1-64113Coupler $126.00
1-64112Coupler $126.00
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