HD ScreenStar Lenses

HD ScreenStar Lenses
HD ScreenStar wide angle conversion lenses are specially designed to match the performance of HD projectors. When placed in front of the projector's existing prime lens, the image size or throw distance can be changed with no loss of quality in the conversion.

These highly-corrected lens systems, optimized for 1080P resolution, also compliment other formats such as SXGA+ and 4K SXRD. HD ScreenStars are also used for training and simulation applications as well.

For assistance in selecting your lens, call 800-828-6778 or email info@navitar.com.

 Part NumberDescriptionPriceQuantity 
HDSSW0650.65X HD Wide Angle Converter Lens $3,150.00
HDSSW080.8X HD ScreenStar Wide Angle Lens $1,755.00
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