Fiber optic illuminators are the most versatile illuminators on the market today. They consist of a high-powered light source which can be used with ring lights or flexible light pipes for oblique or co-axial illumination.

Navitar offers a series of high intensity fiber optic illuminators and accessories that allow you to position your light for best possible viewing. These fiber optic illuminators consist of a Halogen illumination system with a variable light intensity control. They accept a single or dual light pipe, or an attachable ring light for illuminating a wider area. These illuminators offer low operating temperature and low noise output.
 Part NumberDescriptionPriceQuantity 
1-60106Flexible light pipe for Coaxial, 0.5” input ferrule, 3 foot length $242.00
1-60106-10Flexible light pipe for Coaxial, 0.5” input ferrule, 10 foot length $305.00
1-60106-6Flexible light pipe for Coaxial, 0.5” input ferrule, 6 foot length $289.00
1-60162Flexible light pipe for Coaxial 0.718" input ferrule, 3 foot length $268.00
1-61214Ring Light (1.28” inside dia., 0.718” input ferrule, 3’ length) $473.00
1-6192Ring Light (1.28” inside dia., 0.5” input ferrule, 3’ length) $473.00
1-60787Coupler to convert 0.5” input ferrule to 0.718” input ferrule $74.00
1-62672" x 2" fiber optic back light, 0.718" input ferrule, 40" length $431.00
2-50017Ring Light Adapter for any 12X with fine focus $126.00
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