Micro ZFL Scope

Micro ZFL Scope
Navitar’s Video ZFL Scope is a Macro/Micro fluorescence vision system. The ZFL utilizes interchangeable professional fluorescence cubes, as well as internal focus to create an image comparable to a fully loaded research fluorescence scope without all the bulk and added expense.

• Utilizes interchangeable professional fluorescence cubes to create images compatible with most existing camera systems.
• Field of view up to 9.2 mm with a 2/3” CCD in macro mode.
• Micro mode utilizes professional infinity corrected objectives.
• Remote UV light source includes a long-life metal halide bulb.
• Zoom and fixed systems available. Fine focus included with both systems.

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1-6010C-mount Coupler $63.00
1-614001.0X Mini Adapter -No thread. Standard back focus adjustment $447.00
1-62181.0X Adjustable Adapter - Telescoping $184.00
1-60302.0X Standard Adapter $247.00
1-158010.9X Straight Coupler $357.00
1-60349A6.5X UltraZoom non FF, Aperture $1,465.00
1-60349AD6.5X UltraZoom non FF, Aperture, Dentent $1,817.00
1-60349D6.5X UltraZoom non FF, Dentent $1,360.00
1-15800Cube Mounting Block (3-15807 Guide bushing included) $903.00
8-158091/10 Beam Attenuator $415.00
1-15820Liquid Light Guide -1 meter long $788.00
8-16383Olympus BX2 Mounted Filter Set Endow GFP Longpass Emission $2,179.00
1-60162Flexible Light Pipe for Coaxial 0.718" input ferrule, 3 foot length $268.00
1-15799UV Light Source (For Use with Liquid light Guide) $4,647.00
2-501451.0X Converter Lens $284.00
1-500120.5X Lens Attachment $284.00
1-500130.75X Lens Attachment $284.00
1-500141.5X Lens Attachment $284.00
1-500152.0X lens attachment - 2 element $284.00
1-514732.0X Lens Attachment - (3 element) $475.00
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