Nanovue Deep UV

Nanovue Deep UV
Navitar responded to the increasing need to further extend resolution limits for optical inspection by developing the NanoVue 248nm 4X Deep UV Zoom lens. The NanoVue optical system works in the deep ultraviolet (DUV) light enabling detection and characterization of yield critical defects while effectively doubling the resolution limit of conventional visible light microscopes.

• Inspection sensitivity for 90 nm.
• Zoom range of 75X - 300X when coupled with 100X objective.
• 0.15 to 0.037 mm FOV with 2/3" format sensor and 100X objective.
• Optical inspection to under 0.1 um using Deep UV objectives.
• Industry's only Deep UV Zoom solution.

The NanoVue Zoom lens is ideal for new OEM product development and integration into DUV instruments that require higher throughput, allowing customers to quickly develop new, flexible automated instruments that are feature rich, lower in cost and have smaller footprints.
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