Ring Light

Ring Light
Navitar's ring lights were designed with careful consideration for the standard working distances that most of our customers use. The components are low profile and provide bright, even illumination to compliment the performance of your vision system.

Used on the Zoom 6000, 12X Zoom or Precise Eye, Navitar’s Ring Lights are specifically designed to function at specific working distances. They are available in white and red with Fresnel attachments of 50 mm, 100 mm, and 150 mm working distances. The dimmer is a simple analog voltage type with a universal power supply.

LED Lighting Software and Installation Instructions

Windows Serial - Download

Windows USB - Download

LabVIEW Serial - Download

LabVIEW USB - Download

 Part NumberDescriptionPriceQuantity 
1-51156Oval Ring Light- Red, 623nm, with 150 mm WD fresnel Lens, 180 LED $1,224.00
1-62350Ring Light - White 5500K, 60 LED $840.00
1-62351Ring Light - Red 623nm, 60 LED $840.00
3-51169Ring light coupler,12X $69.00
3-62355Ring light coupler, Zoom 6000 $69.00
2-62527Ring light coupler, PE $69.00
1-62356Fresnel Lens - 50 mm WD coupler for ring light $179.00
1-62357Fresnel Lens - 95 mm WD coupler for ring light $179.00
1-62358Fresnel Lens -150 mm WD coupler for ring light $179.00
1-11787Composite Video Cable $32.00
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