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Projecting digital content onto a curved surface presents a specific set of challenges to the lens designer.  Navitar has worked with leading companies producing systems for use in planetariums, entertainment business, and simulation environments.  Carefully implementing specific optical design techniques allows our customers to project brilliant, high resolution images.  Solutions include full (single projector) 180x180 center projection systems for mobile planetariums, custom designed 2- and 4-projector systems for large planetariums using high resolution 4K projectors, and 8-10 projector systems that require complicated blending techniques.  

Lower Cost Smaller Planetarium Systems
For single projector projection systems in WQXGA, WUXGA and 1080p type resolutions, Navitar offers a series of HemiStar lenses that output a high resolution 180 degree projected image. Other designs have been done to allow for multiple projectors with masking of the image. Call for information on our exciting HemiStar lens series. 

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Our custom projection lenses have helped customers:

- Decrease the number of projectors used to cover a dome surface
- Create seamless overlaps of display
- Achieve superb center to edge image resolution
- Maximize impact with high quality images and brightness

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Dome Projection

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