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HemiStar Fisheye Lenses

Navitar offers an innovative series of HemiStar lenses ideal for small, hemistar
medium and large planetariums, as well as simulation and immersive projection. Our fisheye projection lenses have an almost infinite depth of focus, allowing them to maintain sharpness in a variety of settings.

We offer both single- and multi-projector solutions for either 2K or 4K resolution.

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Available Lenses

Lenses for Single-Chip 2K Projectors
Name Focal Length Info Sheets Projector Compatibility
HS30 3.0mm PDF HS30 PDF HS30
HS41 4.07mm PDF HS41 PDF HS41
HS45 4.5mm PDF HS45 PDF HS45
HS48 4.8mm PDF HS48 PDF HS48
HS68 6.75mm PDF HS68 PDF HS68
HMR113 11.72mm PDF HMR113 PDF HMR113
HM117 11.7mm PDF HM117 PDF HM117
Lenses for 3-Chip 2K Projectors
HT49 4.87mm PDF HT49 PDF HT49
Lenses for 4K Projectors
HM4K-168 16.8mm PDF HM4K-168 PDF HM4K-168
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