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The popularity of home theater has grown tremendously in recent years. Navitar understands that home theaters can vary greatly from one household to the next. Whether fitting into an existing den or family room, or designing a dedicated theater room, we have the optics to save you time, money and frustration. Placement of the projector can often inhibit creating the ultimate home theater design. With Navitar's wide angle and long throw lenses, you can place the projector anywhere in the room while maintaining the highest quality graphics, fine text and crisp HD video. By simplifying installations and perhaps reducing the need for remodeling, Navitar ensures that the entertainment system you choose integrates seamlessly with the design of your home.

Navitar offers a wide variety of ScreenStar conversion and replacement projection lenses for your personal home theater needs. If you are setting up a projection system with a high contrast DLP, LCD, LCOS, or DILA projector, projecting in 16:9 wide screen format or in HDTV, Navitar has a lens that will work with your system.

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Home Theater

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