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Navitar has been designing optical solutions for MRI and fMRI projection applications for over 15 years. We understand that MRI scanners are often built into tight spaces, and strong magnetic fields can make it difficult to get an image from a projector outside the MRI equipment. Our lenses help doctors, researchers, clinics and hospitals overcome these challenges and allow them to create the ideal MRI setup for their space. Now they can project a small video image from a far distance to allow for patient viewing during the MRI procedure.

Navitar works with you to select the right lens for your unique room setup. We discuss factors such as projector location, throw distance, and existing equipment. Whether you're adding a new magnet, or have an existing MRI installation and want to upgrade your projector, Navitar can help. Below you'll find Navitar's off-the-shelf and custom solutions that can be used to exactly fill the desired screen size at the appropriate distance.
NuView® Replacement Lenses
NuView Lenses

NuView lenses replace the existing prime lens of a projector and go beyond the lens ranges offered by manufacturers. These long-throw projection lenses allow for a small projected image size at a long distance for patient viewing. Navitar offers a full range of lenses that cover a variety of projector resolutions, video formats and projector types and sizes. 

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Custom Lenses
Custom Lenses

When an application calls for a solution that goes beyond our standard optics, Navitar can provide a custom projection lens. For example, a leading research hospital needed to be able to zoom between two projected image sizes using a Sharp 0.7" 3-chip DLP projector; Navitar supplied a custom 2X zoom lens that provided the required image size flexibility.

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ScreenStar® Conversion Lenses
ScreenStar Lenses

Navitar offers a unique 3X telephoto conversion lens for MRI projection applications. ScreenStar conversion lenses sit in front of a projector's standard lens, extending the range of a prime lens, and allowing you to reduce the projected image size by 67% (1/3 of standard size).

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