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Navitar specializes in advanced optics for applications that require exacting performance and work in diverse arrangements. We have designed custom relay and non-relay lenses for theme parks and amusement applications, zoom lenses for high-end home theaters, and 4K lenses for a range of planetarium systems.

Our custom projection lenses have helped customers:
• Decrease the number of projectors used to cover a dome surface.
• Create seamless display overlaps.
• Achieve superb center-to-edge image resolution.
• Maximize impact with high-quality images and brightness.

We have a thorough understanding of:
•Application-specific resolution requirements of planetariums and simulators.
• Relay and non-relay designs.
• Fisheye lenses and F-theta distortion.
• Uniform pixel mapping at edge of images.
• Unique characteristics of different chip sets, color off-sets, and panel size variations in light engines.

Call one of our expert application engineers at (585) 359-4000 or fill out our Custom Lens Request Form. Navitar welcomes the opportunity to take your project from concept to reality!


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Navitar has designed custom optics for use with 4K projectors including:

• Barco DP4K-32B
• Christie CP4220/CP4230
• Christie D4K35
• JVC DLA-RS4000
• Sony SRX-T420
• Sony SRX-R320

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