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Projection Optics

Navitar has designed and produced world-class projection lenses since 1978. We offer both off-the-shelf and custom HemiStar®, NuView®, and ScreenStar® lenses that serve the education, worship, simulation, planetarium, amusement, digital signage and 2D/3D/4D cinema markets.

Product Lines

HemiStar® Fisheye Lenses

Navitar's series of HemiStar 100°/160°/180° fisheye projection lenses are ideal for small, medium and large planetariums and immersive applications.

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HemiStar® Fisheye Conversion Lens

THe 3.5X Fisheye Conversion lens is an ideal solution for planetariums that want to upgrade their existing systems, but can't afford to buy new projectors or replacement lenses.

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NuView® Replacement Lenses

Our high-resolution NuView lenses replace the existing prime lens of a projector allowing for a variety of new applications.

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ScreenStar® Conversion Lenses

Navitar offers HD, Standard and Mini ScreenStar lenses that sit in front of your projector's standard lens to increase your picture size or throw distance by 20%-50%.

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Custom 2K and 4K Projection Lens Solutions

customNavitar designs custom lenses for 2K and 4K resolution applications, including wide-angle lenses for fixed installations, zoom lenses for home theaters, and fisheye optics for planetarium and dome settings.

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Navitar has...
A thorough understanding of:
• Relay and non-relay designs.
• Fisheye lenses and F-theta distortion.
• Uniform pixel mapping at image edge.
• Unique chip sets, color off-sets, and panel size variations in light engines.
• Resolution requirements of planetariums and simulators.
Extensive experience with:
• Straight and right-angle mechanics.
• Rectilinear and fisheye designs.
• Customer masking requirements.
• Tolerance and sensitivity analyses.

Projection Optics Literature
HemiStar Catalog
HemiStar Catalog

NuView ScreenStar Brochure
NuView & ScreenStar Brochure

Custom Lens Solutions
Whether you need a lens for an existing projector, or are currently designing a new system, Navitar's engineering and design team can create a custom projection lens for you.

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