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Projection Optics

Navitar has designed and produced world-class projection lenses since 1978. Our off-the-shelf HemiStar®, NuView®, and ScreenStar® lenses help overcome limitations of standard LCD and DLP projectors.

Our standard and custom projection solutions serve the education, worship, simulation, planetarium, amusement, and 2D/3D/4D cinema markets.

Product Lines

HemiStar® Fisheye Lenses

Navitar's series of HemiStar 100°/160°/180° fisheye projection lenses are ideal for small, medium and large planetariums and immersive applications.

PDF HemiStar Catalog | Information & Pricing

HemiStar Projector Combination



NuView® Replacement Lenses

Our high-resolution NuView lenses replace the existing prime lens of a projector allowing for a variety of new applications.

PDF NuView Brochure | Information & Pricing


ScreenStar® Conversion Lenses

Navitar offers HD, Standard and Mini ScreenStar lenses that sit in front of your projector's standard lens to increase your picture size or throw distance by 20%-50%.

Custom 2K and 4K Projection Lens Solutions

customNavitar designs custom lenses for 2K and 4K resolution applications, including wide-angle lenses for fixed installations, zoom lenses for home theaters, and fisheye optics for planetarium and dome settings.

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Navitar has...
A thorough understanding of:
• Relay and non-relay designs.
• Fisheye lenses and F-theta distortion.
• Uniform pixel mapping at image edge.
• Unique chip sets, color off-sets, and panel size variations in light engines.
• Resolution requirements of planetariums and simulators.
Extensive experience with:
• Straight and right-angle mechanics.
• Rectilinear and fisheye designs.
• Customer masking requirements.
• Tolerance and sensitivity analyses.

Projection Optics Literature
HemiStar Catalog
HemiStar Catalog

NuView ScreenStar Brochure
NuView & ScreenStar Brochure

Custom Lens Solutions
Whether you need a lens for an existing projector, or are currently designing a new system, Navitar's engineering and design team can create a custom projection lens for you.

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